Pilates for Equestrians – New Edition

ISBN: 9781910016015
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

PILATES is an invigorating and proven body conditioning method which helps to strengthen the core muscles used in riding and restores the body’s balance. Increasingly riders are discovering the benefits that Pilates can bring to their sport. Importantly, it can help improve a rider’s results to give them that winning edge which, at the top level, can be the difference between triumph and disaster.  NEW EDITION 2015.

PILATES FOR EQUESTRIANS is packed with colourful, easy to follow photographs, listing common rider injuries and niggles, with a list of core strengthening exercises to help maintain a more flexible, leaner, fitter body for life.

LIZA RANDALL is a well-known writer in the equestrian field and former editor of British Eventing Magazine. She is a qualified and registered Body Control Pilates R Instructor and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals. She now coaches a variety of riders in Pilates to help them go on to achieve their goals, whether it is a pain-free back or riding around an international event.

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