Mini School: Train Your Miniature Horse to be All He Can be

ISBN: 9781570767975
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Turn your pint-size package into a head-turning performer! The first book of its kind for Mini lovers, Mini School takes the training and conditioning of Minis as seriously as that of their full-size cousins. With real, honest-to-goodness in-hand work that promises a relaxed, supple body and collected frame as well as obedience, you’re given the tools to transform your cuddly companion into a sleek, well-muscled athlete and a talented entertainer. You’ll find valuable information on:

  • How Minis learn, with discussion of both ‘learning through association’ and ‘learning through success’, and ways to manage factors that impact your Mini’s ability to absorb new lessons
  • Work on the longe line, long lines, and long reins, with special instruction on the proper use of side-reins and whip cues
  • Popular tricks loved by audiences and Minis alike – bowing, kneeling, sitting, lying down, and rearing, to name a few
  • Lateral work, including leg-yield, shoulder-in, haunches-in, and half-pass
  • Dressage movements in-hand, such as pirouettes, piaffe, passage, and levade Conditioning through interval training and cross-training, featuring canter work, driving, cavalletti, and jumping gymnastics

Plus a dictionary of voice commands and tips on how to use them.

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