Balance in Movement: How to Achieve the Perfect Seat

ISBN: 9781570767449
Format: Paperback

Book Details

The art of successful riding is the development of harmony to such a degree, that, to the onlooker, horse and rider perform in total unity. The rider’s key to this ideal is not a static seat, but one that is capable of adapting to all movements of the horse. The closer the seat follows the movement, the better it can influence that movement and remain in perfect balance with the horse. With the perception of a physical therapist Susanne von Dietze analyzes the seat and its influence, and discovers the sources of numerous mistakes and weaknesses in this area; and with the perception of an experienced trainer she gives explanations for a greater understanding and suggests many useful exercises. First published in 1993, Balance in Movement, has long since become a classic in equestrian sports literature. It is an indispensable source of advice for all who would like to have a better understanding and command of the rider’s seat, teachers and students alike.

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