Athletic Horse: Building on Strengths, Overcoming Weaknesses

ISBN: 9783861279761
Format: Paperback

Book Details

When problems occur during a horse’s dressage training, all too often the question ‘Why’ is ignored. In this book, Horst Becker endeavours to find answers to this question. Whilst demonstrating ways in which a horse’s weaknesses can be systematically corrected, he also shows quiet and effective ways of developing its strengths. The author places particular value on a method of schooling that avoids force, but builds consistently on an understanding of the horse’s anatomy. The aim of his training approach is harmony in movement, which can only be achieved when the rider proceeds carefully and systematically. It includes: the biomechanics of the horse; balance before movement – not the other way around! ; strengthening work on the lunge; how do I work different types of horse? Developing collection through lateral work; the flying change as a valuable tool; the pirouette for bend; and perfecting collection through piaffe and passage.

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