If Horses Could Talk *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9781910498026
Format: Paperback

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This is a book that will both shock and inspire, anger and inform. In Gary’s own colourful words it tells of an itinerant RAF childhood blighted by a pair of evil if outwardly god-fearing indentical twins who groomed and abused him and his brothers. How he found sanctuary in a racing stable, how his devotion made every horse he groomed a winner and how his obsession ruined his family and drove him to the very brink of suicide.

Salvation came in the world of ‘Horse Whispering’, although Gary prefers the more basic phrase ‘Natrual Horsemanship’, which he has adapted from the work of Monty Roberts and other great practitioners from the American West.  This chimed with his own rejection of the harsh systems still in common use and enabled him to educate young horses, redeem seemingly hopeless ones and become the leaders of choice for top racehorses entering the starting stalls.

If Horses Could Talk is a gripping tale of revival and redemption, both serious and sad. And it should change the way we communicate with horses forever.

30 Black & White & Colour Photos

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