Riding in Release: A practical guide to French Classical Equitation and Horsemanship

ISBN: 9781908809940
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Riding in Release considers the relationship between two significant traditions of riding and horse training – The French Classical School and horsemanship born out of the Vaquero and Buckeroo lineage. Both traditions are founded on the development of a partnership with a horse, which enables lightness of foot and thought. This book provides useful insights for riders of all levels – whether you want to hack out in harmony or improve your half pass – with clear, practical, step-by-step instructions and advice. Topics covered include: consideration of the similarities of the traditions and why this is useful for modern riders to understand; how horses move, think and feel, and how this knowledge is useful to us; foundational handling up to high school – common themes; the human side of the partnership – how to make sense to our horse and be someone he wants to learn from and how to help our horse develop a greater ease of movement without the use of gadgets or force. There are detailed explanations of straightness, balance and dynamic posture along with step-by-step guidance on teaching ‘the language of the aids’; tapping into your horse’s amazing capacity to learn. Finally, the development of good feeling between you and your horse, through logical application that respects a horse’s emotional life as well as his physical body is covered.

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