Preparing for Dressage the Right Way: The Correct Training Methods for Success

ISBN: 9780857880055
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Preparing for dressage the right wayA” is a practical book in the best sense of the word. Instead of training each step of the exercise separately, internationally renowned trainer Katja von Roenne recommends following a central themeA” when training the horse. Instead of simply being reeled off, all of the lessons have a purpose – To exercise the horse correctly and to nurture it in harmony and trust, up to the very highest level. Maintaining health and teamwork are paramount. Descriptive explanations in each chapter show how to train your horse in a structured way and what the rider can do if problems arise. A training plan with sequences of exercises connects the individual lessons. This book provides concrete instructions on how to correctly ride dressage lessons from Novice to Grand Prix.

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