Dressage with Mind, Body & Soul

ISBN: 9781570764264
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

In the past 20 years the high-profile sport of dressage has been criticized for training methods developed and openly used by top riders, which have been proven to cause the horse physical pain and emotional distress. In her extensive travels overseas and around the world, renowned horse trainer and behaviorist Linda Tellington-Jones has noted the state of dressage horses in the barns she has visited, the shows she has attended, and the clinics she’s taught. In her opinion, a whole new way of approaching the sport is needed, in order to give dressage new life and those who participate in it new love for what they are doing.

Now Tellington-Jones shows us powerful new techniques for approaching the Classical Training Scale and using it not only for the betterment of your dressage horse’s performance, but also his overall well-being. With her usual brilliance and enthusiasm, Tellington-Jones provides the tools all of us need to ensure the horse relishes his role in the exploration of the art of dressage—just as much as we do. Alongside are countless case studies of the top horses, riders, and trainers Tellington-Jones has worked with over the course of her amazing career, and how the Tellington Method worked for them. This is surely the book that can help the tide change and restore the sport of dressage to its glory.

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