ISBN: 63447905374X
Format: DVD

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With this DVD, you’ll be able to teach your horse the movements of circus and high school horses! Because of the foundation training you’ve done from the previous two volumes, you and your horse will progress quite easily to learning the curtsy bow, crossing legs and pivoting in both directions, adding the curtsy bow to the pivot, and pivoting with one foreleg extended. These are wonderful tricks that show off your horse’s incredible grace and agility! Carole continues with work in hand for the march, or Spanish walk, and hesitation march which you’ll soon be performing either dismounted or mounted. Then you’ll graduate to beginning work on the pedestal.

From there, the pedestal is going to get more challenging, but even more sensational. Starting with three poses, the Statue of Liberty, End of the Trail, and Bottoms Up, Carole shows you how to teach these to your horse while in hand, and then with you aboard. You’ll also see how after working on the larger pedestal, your horse will eventually be comfortable working on a smaller version that really showcases his agility and sense of balance. This pedestal work continues with previous tricks learned on the ground, that are now performed on the pedestal: the pivot with one leg extended, and crossed legs with a pivot and curtsy. More “business” is added with work on a teeter-totter and gangplank. Heza Night Train shows his Latin lover side when he and Carole demonstrate the way to dance a four-footed Rhumba! Volume Three concludes with Rearing. Carole cautions that this is a trick that can become a bad habit, so it’s important that you and your horse know the tricks in the first two Volumes before progressing to this one. With this knowledge, and the 3 “P’s,” Patience, Perseverence and Praise, your horse will be rearing, doing the “high three,” and walking on his hind legs calmly and under total control.

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