ISBN: 885767998384
Format: DVD

Book Details

Produced in association with veterinarians & professional breeding farms, Foaling Fundamentals details care of the pregnant mare, innoculations, diet, foaling facilities & equipment, veterinary care, diagnosing impending delivery, safety precautions, & all aspects of post-natal care. You’ll see a live “textbook” foaling, depicting all stages of labor & delivery & the proper role of the owner/midwife. “Red Alert” delivery situations are diagrammed & solutions discussed. Also included are the steps to take to avoid rejected foals, as well as a chapter about foal imprinting, with Dr. Robert M. Miller. This ABC-Clio award-winning¬†DVD will provide the information you need as a novice breeder, and as you become more experienced, will serve as a useful and invaluable reference. Foaling Fundamentals has received outstanding reviews from major equestrian magazines, and is used in equine science college curriculum at many universities.

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