CLIPPING TECHNIQUES DVD *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 634479001145
Format: DVD

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Horses have had their coats clipped from the beginning of their partnership with man, since, in the Winter, a horse’s long coat takes a considerable time to dry out and is difficult to keep clean. In the first part of the 20th century, electrical horse clippers were invented that facilitated this clipping process, and also made the day-to-day grooming of horses easier.

Clipping Techniques will show you how to select and maintain the equipment needed to body clip your horse and explains in step-by-step detail the methods used. Besides complete body clipping techniques, this pro-gram highlights the various body clipping styles, including: Hunter Clip, Blanket Clip, and High, Medium and Low Trace Clips. As most summer grooming sessions also include trimming, Clipping Techniques also focuses upon the way to keep a summer coat neatly trimmed and ready for show.

To prolong the life of your clippers and blades,Clipping Techniques presents the proper way to clean and lubricate your equipment as explained by a professional.

Now you can save money, and confidently clip your horse yourself, with the information presented in Clipping Techniques!

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