A Passion for Thoroughbreds: How Three Noteable Racing Families Influenced Australian Turf History

ISBN: 9780648136279
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Bluebloods
Origin: Australia

Book Details

The author, William Rutledge grew up in a family that was steeped in history and affairs of the Australian turf. His great grand father Thomas Rutledge owned Yattendon which won the first Sydney Cup in 1866 as well as other important races his maternal grandfather was Colin Stephen who succeeded Adrian Knox the authors great great uncle as chairman of the ajc between them they held that office for about 1/3 of a century. His parents an art race horses with modest success including advocate the winner of the 1952 Victorian Derby.

This book tells of these forebears the horses they raced and their contribution to the administration of horse racing in Australia. It starts with the career of Yattendon going on to examine the contributions to the sport from Knox and Stephen. It follows the descendants of Elvo, a mare that Steven purchased as a yearling in 1902 whose progeny he raced successfully as did his family following his death.

There is a chapter about the authors father TLF Rutledge who owns some good horses and served on the ajc committee for several years. Another chapter is about friends and advisers and there are many references to picnic racing which in the late 19th and early 20th centuries occupied a more important place in the racing world than it does today.

The final chapter is about the author’s own involvement with the sport and there are appendices which contains some articles too long to include in the main text performances pedigrees and other information.

Bob Charlie former chairman of the ajc has provided a forward in which he commends this book as an important chapter in racing’s history.

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