Mustang: From Wild Horse to Riding Horse

ISBN: 9781570769740
Format: Paperback

Book Details

The words “American Mustang” conjure images of long-maned horses running free across wide-open plains. Unfortunately, overpopulation and overgrazing has resulted in necessary management of the wild herds in the United States, which means many Mustangs are captured and placed in sanctuaries where their basic needs can be met. In an attempt to ease the strain placed on these facilities, a federally run adoption program re-homes thousands of wild horses each year with the support of events such as the popular Mustang Makeover. Trainers and Mustangs spend 100 days working together before competing in a series of classes that showcase their skills in front of an audience of prospective buyers. Individuals who might not feel ready to adopt a wild horse right off the range have a chance to consider one with a solid training foundation as a potential riding partner. In 2016, horse trainer and biologist Vivian Gabor signed up to participate in the Mustang Makeover held in Germany. Given a sorrel mare originally from the wild herds in Oregon, Gabor recorded her progress over the weeks and months that followed. Readers can follow along, from the very first day when Gabor brought her Mustang home, through the natural, positive, and science-based behavioral training methods she used to successfully start the young mare under saddle. Hundreds of wonderful photographs clearly demonstrate the steps along the way, providing an easy-to-use resource for anyone looking to turn a wild horse into a riding horse.

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