The Horse’s Muscles in Motion (New Paperback)

ISBN: 9780719840869
Format: Paperback

Book Details

New in paperback for 2022, this book aims to show how – and why- the horses muscles work and explains how this knowledge can be put to good use in all aspects of horse care and riding. With careful anatomical drawings supported by explanatory text, Sara Wyche ‘dissects’ the horse’s musculoskeletal system and describes how the various muscles work together with bones, joints, ligaments and nerves to produce movement. Throughout, there are valuable insights into how man’s use of the horse can adversely affect this movement, how good riding practice can help to avoid problems, and why the horse is sometimes unable to meet the strenuous demands that are so often placed upon him. Riders, trainers, saddle-fitters – all who have an interest in the way the horse moves – will find this book to be a fascinating exploration of the horse’s musculoskeletal system. More than this, it is an important guide to understanding exactly what it is they ask of the horse and, therefore, an aid to improving the horse’s performance.

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