The Horse Conformation Handbook

ISBN: 9781580175586
Format: Paperback

Book Details


“Conformation” concerns body structure and anatomy. In this comprehensive volume Heather Smith Thomas explains how conformation relates to function and what to look for when evaluating a horse. She teaches the reader to see beyond a horse’s physical beauty to identify desirable attributes and potential faults and with copious illustrations and explanations trains the eye to recognize the hallmarks of soundness durability trainability and athletic potential.

Thomas begins with an in-depth discussion of equine anatomy and the importance of balance and proportion. She also explains how to detect “heart ” that indefinable quality that distinguishes a horse from his peers and compels him to excel. The book concludes with real-world applications of the principles of good conformation including helping a horse succeed by matching him with the right job and what the conformation of the aging horse can tell you.

Horses with good conformation move fluidly experience less wear and tear on joints and are more apt to stay fit and sound during a long life of service. Whether you’re buying your first horse choosing breeding stock or simply want to learn more about your equine companion “The Horse Conformation Handbook” will help you understand horses better than ever before.


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