Performance Hoof, Performance Horse

ISBN: 9781908809704
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Many horses will, at some point during their lives, suffer hoof problems which, in extreme cases, can cause permanent lameness. So why should oustandingly healthy, hardworking feet be a relative rarity? Performance Hoof, Performance Horse explores the idea that, given the right conditions, healthy hooves are not difficult to maintain and neither do they need much in the way of human intervention, and that the unshod or ‘barefoot’ horse can be tough, strong and sure-footed. The book offers practical advice on how best to work with a horse with compromised feet in terms of nutrition, surfaces and exercise in order to restore its hooves to optimum condition.

  • Topics covered include:
  • Assessing hooves and hoof balance
  • The pros and cons of trimming
  • Fixing problem feet
  • Developing stronger hooves

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