Care of the Older Horse

ISBN: 9780851317342
Format: Paperback

Book Details

In their natural environment horses and ponies can stay happy and
healthy well into their thirties but the demands we make on them mean
that many get old before their time perhaps retiring from work in
their late teens. What do you do with old horses? How do you look after
them? Do their nutritional requirements change? Just how much work is
it safe to give them? This book answers these questions in a clear
concise way and discusses the effect of old age on the horse; how to
care for the retired veteran (including the problems of too much spring
grass the summer fly worry and winter care); working the older horse
throughout the year; special feeding requirements; ailments and
problems that might occur and how to prevent them happening in the
first place. Many horse owners have older horses in their care and
cannot afford to be without this invaluable book.

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