French Marble Clock: Guide for Buyers, Collectors & Restorers with Hints on Dating & a List of Makers *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780719802300
Format: Hardback

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French marble clocks are increasing in popularity at a time when many antique clocks are becoming too expensive for the average collector. Popular with the Victorians, they are now enjoying a well-deserved revival. Most have high quality movements with attractive cases made in a wide variety of styles, and fortunately there are still many of these clocks to be found at reasonable prices in antique shops, junk shops and market stalls. “The French Marble Clock” is the first complete book on the subject, written by Nicolas Thorpe who is an enthusiastic collector. Years of research couple with many visits to France and Belgium have made him a leading authority about them. The opening chapters reveal the history of the marble clock along with new information about their origins and makers. Photographs of factories, now demolished, are set alongside material from French archives. To many collectors, the most valued part of the book will be the practical chapters. These take a detailed look at the famous pendule de Paris movement that is found in many French mantel clocks from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Sound and sensible advice is given about examining, dating and buying, together with a clear explanation of the function of parts of the movement. This is essential reading for those wishing to restore timepieces or clocks with striking movements. The chapters on restoration and clock case styles are all clearly illustrated. One section on Collectors’ Clocks shows some of the world’s finest marble clocks, and one appendix has an invaluable list of known French, German, American and English makers and their trademarks. In his foreword, Michael Turner, Head of Clocks and Watches at Sotheby’s, London, describes these clocks as often being ‘ridiculously under priced’. This carefully researched study of French marble clocks will be a valuable guide to all collectors whether they buy clocks in fine order or enjoy the challenge of restoring a damaged bargain to full working condition

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