Good Times with Older Dogs *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9783861279723
Format: Paperback

Book Details

This is an indispensable guide to create the good life with your older dog. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a dog will at some point experience what can be a very special time: the beloved four-legged friend’s old age. This book sets out ideas on how you can make your dog’s senior years particularly enjoyable, and gives consideration to the older dog’s special needs during this life phase. Readers will learn about the needs that old dogs have, all the changes that can occur and how one can ensure that the senior dog stays fit and healthy for as long as possible. Here you will find valuable tips on feeding the elderly dog, dealing with behaviours that are typical in old age, and communicating with canine seniors that can no longer see or hear so well. All in all, this is a comprehensive guidebook for owners and carers of old dogs for wonderful golden years.

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