Soviet and Russian Special Mission Aircraft

ISBN: 9781800352483
Format: Hardback

Book Details

In the years after the Second World War, aircraft optimised for various kinds of special missions began assuming ever-greater importance in the inventories of the world’s leading air forces. The Soviet Union was no exception – numerous special mission versions of Soviet military fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters were developed and fielded, and the process is continuing in modern Russia. Some of them have seen action in various armed conflicts, including the Afghan War, the Chechen Wars and, most recently,the Syrian War.

This book is not an attempt to cover the entire range or Soviet/Russian special mission aircraft – the authors have chosen to omit certain types which have already been adequately described in previous books (notably tactical aviation types), concentrating on those which have not yet received proper coverage. The book will be illustrated with numerous interesting photos, a number of line drawings and many colour side views.

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