Battle of Britain Combat Archive: Battle of Britain Day Supplement

ISBN: 9781906592844
Format: Paperback

Book Details

When Wingleader came to publish Volume 13 of the BofBCA series, we realised that we simply had too much material to fit into the book for the 15th September. This was the day of course when the RAF claimed 185 victories and these combat reports alone would have filled an entire volume(!), so we decided to print all of this extra material in a supplemental volume for those who would be interested.

As we developed the plans for this supplement, we realised that this would also give us the scope to dig deeper into this famous day of the Battle and find out more about what really happened.

The final 80 page book therefore forms an essential companion volume to Vol 13 of the main series. It includes the following;

The ‘Legend’ of Battle of Britain Day.

Luftwaffe strength and effort.

Fighter Command’s tactics.

Göring’s reaction.

Effect on Unternehmen Seelöwe.

The Legacy of ‘Over-Claiming’.

Sorties flown by RAF Pilots.

Extra Combat Reports.

The centre 46 pages cover each RAF squadron’s operational flights on 15 September with pilot/aircraft serial number/aircraft code recorded where possible along with timings and victory claims. It is the first time that this has been published in such detail for any day of the Battle of Britain and really gives the reader an impression of how busy The Few were on this day.

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