Amiens Raid: Secrets Revealed *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780955473524

Book Details

Three squadrons of Mosquitoes streak over snow-covered France at tree-top height. Their target a prison full of resistance fighters and British agents; their purpose to free them or kill them. Desperate calls to London from the French Resistance told of 100 men and women due to be shot at dawn, and of a British agent being tortured to reveal the secrets of the Allied invasion plan. Film-star RAF pilot group Captain Pickard led the raid that smashed the prison walls and killed the German guards while the Resistance stormed the prison to release their comrades. For more than sixty years this version of events has been believed and many have gone to their graves in the certain knowledge that they had helped save the inmates from certain death and preserved the secret of the coming invasion, but this was not the truth.

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