Air War 1941: Non-Stop Offensive Part 2

ISBN: 9781871187588
Format: Paperback

Book Details

The publication of this final volume in the history of the air war over Europe during 1941 brings this ground-breaking project to conclusion.

With so much attention paid to the Battle of Britain, it is easy to ignore this critical phase of the air war which saw the RAF turning the tide from the defence against the Luftwaffe over the UK to attacking Occupied Europe.

This 1,450 page – four-volume – account details the combats of every day and night and provides loss tables for RAF Fighter, Bomber and Coastal Commands as well as the Luftwaffe in the west.

1941 – The Turning Point Part 1 – ‘The Battle of Britain to the Blitz’ – January 1st to 7th April 1941.

1941 – The Turning Point Part 2 – ‘The Blitz to the Non-Stop Offensive’ – April 8th to 21st June 1941.

1941 – The Non-Stop Offensive Part 1 – June 22nd to 31st August 1941.

1941 – The Non-Stop Offensive Part 2 – September 1st to 31st December 1941. 

Please be aware that the content of these books is intended for historians and researchers who already have a knowledge of RAF and Luftwaffe operations and who wish to expand their knowledge of the subject.

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