Wagons of Final Years of British Rwy 1962-1968 Period

ISBN: 9781905505081

Book Details

David Larkin continues his comprehensive survey of British Railways goods wagons by looking at the final flowering of vacuum-braked stock, and the development of air-braked stock in the final years of British Railways, such as”merry-go-round” coal hoppers and Freightliner flat wagons. The batch of vacuum-fitted prototypes that eventually led to the general fleet of air-braked opens and vans is also covered. In addition, David also considers the effect of the change of corporate image for British Rail on wagon liveries, as a prelude to his continuation of the series into the British Rail era. Profusely illustrated, as are the other books in the series, this book includes lot and diagram details, wagon number ranges, builder’s and livery details of a diverse set of vehicles.

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