Sabotaged & Defeated: Final Glimpse Part 2 *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9781906419912

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In the autumn of 2010, author Jeffery Grayer produced his acclaimed book ‘Sabotaged & Defeated Revisited’.

Taking the closure of the Somerset & Doret line as its theme, here was a volume filled not just with train views, but scenes of the railway in the months just prior to and then subsequent to closure.

Some might have thought this to be a depressive mix, but it worked, linked no doubt to the exact period for those who still mourn the passing of this cross-country railway back in 1966.

The result has also been a veritable influx of further colour material from the same period, so much so that Jeffery Grayer has expanded the theme with two new books featuring all new material.

Now we may again witness the last years, months and days of the route, followed by its abandonment, dereliction and eventual, sad destruction.

Here in these two new volumes is the perfect exercise in nostalgia.

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