Sabotaged and Defeated Revisited: Pre and Post Closure Views on the Somerset & Dorset *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9781906419448

Book Details

Up until 1966 it was possible to travel by train from the Midlands to the South Coast over what was one of the best loved railway routes in Southern England, the Somerset and Dorset line. Since its closure in 1966 as a consequence of politics and economics, its passing has inspired numerous books. In 2006, forty years on from that closure, accomplished railway author Jeffery Grayer uncovered a unique collection of images capturing more than just straight-forward trains. The views captured sadness and a deep nostalgia for what had once been. Within this volume, the author returns for another look at this historic line, and reveals many rare views of its last days. The last trains, the closure scene and the demolition all feature, within a heavy atmosphere of melancholy. This is an album that is bound to find a place on the bookshelves of all keen railway historians, as well as those who hanker for just a little piece of nostalgia.

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