London Railway Atlas 6th Edition

ISBN: 9781800352636
Format: Hardback

Book Details

First published to critical acclaim in 2006, enlarged and revised editions of the London Rail Atlas followed, the most recent being in 2018. This latest fully revised sixth edition reflects the dynamic and evolving railway network in the capital and will include additions such as the Elizabeth Line finally due to open in 2022 after many delays, and the Battersea Power Station extension of the Northern Line which opened in 2021.

The Atlas presents detailed mapping of all the lines which traverse the city, including those of London Underground, the DLR and Network Rail. Each map also illustrates the geographical relationship between overground and underground lines. The maps on the large format pages show all tracks and platforms. London Rail Atlas features all the lines in the capital, both open and closed, stations, changes of station name and station opening and closing dates.

The maps are drawn to a high degree of accuracy and include detail on industrial railways. The coverage reaches beyond London to include places such as Tilbury, Gravesend, Windsor and Redhill. In addition to the wealth of information, the Atlas is a superb achievement in terms of the clarity of its cartography. As a reviewer in Railway Magazine wrote of a previous edition, ‘the maps are akin to works of art, so detailed and finely drawn are they’.

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