Harold Gasson’s Steam Days: A Railwayman’s Journey from Footplate to Signal Box 1941-1957

ISBN: 9781910809679
Format: Paperback

Book Details

When Harold Gasson first put pen to paper more than forty years ago, it was at a time when there was a growing resurgence of interest in the steam railway. 

Three of his books described his life as a fireman based at Didcot shed from the early 1940s. Firing Days was followed by Footplate Days and then Nostalgia Days. Finally, after Harold had forsaken the footplate for the signal box, came the final instalment, Signalling Days. All were eagerly sought after at the time for they described the railway readers wanted to hear about, providing a nostalgic perspective which could be enjoyed from the comfort of one’s arm chair.

Out of print for several decades all four books have now been reprinted and are available together for the first time complete with a new set of illustrations. The steam engines and most of the mechanical signal boxes of Harold’s working days may have been long consigned to history but in these well-written and enjoyable books they are brought vividly back to life for a new audience to enjoy as well for those who recall his era for whom these tales will reawaken treasured memories.

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