Great Western Railway Architecture: In Colour

ISBN: 9781909328662
Format: Hardback

Book Details

This, the first volume of a new survey of the architecture of the Great Western Railway, presents a wonderful variety of structures encompassing both classic standard GWR designs and the very non-standard contributions of many of the engineers and architects who worked for companies which were subsequently absorbed by the GWR.

From the towering Brunelian majesty of Paddington and Bristol Temple Meads to the almost anonymous wayside halt, the story of the development and evolution of GWR architecture is told here with the aid of copious colour illustrations.

The book explores a representative selection of stations, goods sheds, signal boxes and other fixed structures showing how designs changed over the decades. From the sublime architectural gems of the nineteenth century to the mundane but yet attractive Pagoda style shelters and corrugated iron buildings used across the vast GWR estate in the last century, a wonderful tapestry of styles and structures fills the pages of the book.

This is a must have for all those interested in the GWR, its history and legacy and for the many who are active in recreating in model form aspects of this fine railway.

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