abc Rail Guide 2022

ISBN: 9781800351394
Format: Hardback

Book Details

The abc Rail Guide has established itself as the comprehensive, detailed, accurate and reliable guide to the railway networks of the United Kingdom. The new 2022 edition of this best-selling annual publication has been thoroughly revised and updated and reverts to its usual release date in March.

The book provides the full fleet lists of the Train Operating companies, open access and freight operators as well a round-up of new trains, charter operators, rolling stock providers, spot hire and maintenance providers. Stock used by Network Rail and the channel tunnel operators is also listed as are ex-UK locos abroad. Main line preservation groups, depots and maintenance works, heritage lines, preserved locos, main line steam, charter promoters and scrapyards are also all included.

abc Rail Guide 2022 is simply the most comprehensive and accurate single volume reference source on the contemporary railway scene. Portable, up to date, concise, easy to use, with Train Operating C ompany route maps and colour photographs throughout, this is the essential guide for all railway enthusiasts seeking to keep up to speed with the dynamic and rapidly changing railway landscape throughout Britain and Ireland.

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