The Very Now Poems: A Confection of Imperfect Perfection

ISBN: 9781805141419
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

Climate change, the cost-of-living crisis; corporate greed, insomnia and mortality – yes, they all feature here, delicately interwoven with joyful poems celebrating love, family, food, basking lizards. And angels.

The poems offer shared recognition; words that chime; satisfying rhymes; there’s the quantum poem, Dark Matter; What of Love and Motorbike tell of 21st Century love; Puddings is nothing but puddings, while The Comfort of Chocolate twins global warming with the pleasure of chocolate; Disclosure is a lighthearted take on The Ancient Mariner; there is the essential Cat poem, Cat and Mouse; an unwelcome sexual encounter is transmuted into dark humour in Pigeon Pecked.

Poetry takes words, crumbles them and dunks them in the steaming hot tea (latte if you prefer) of the imagination.






Author Biography: 

Due to a damaging childhood Jane Michelson Vuglar fled into the safer space of books. In adulthood she, at various times, has been bookseller, community artist, clown, fire-eating stilt-walker, OU student, mime, squatter, educator, housing coop founder, mother and wife. She has been a spoken word artist and part of the Foxhall Women’s Writers’ Group. Her first poetry collection was Walking the River.

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