Stefan Bucovineanul-Voloseniuc – Just Imagine: My Journey from Bukovina to London

ISBN: 9781805142072
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Just Imagine is the inspirational story of Stefan Voloseniuc’s journey from a very deprived background in a remote Romanian village, to becoming a successful businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist in London. It describes the challenges he faced growing up in the closing years of Nicolae Ceausescu’s brutal, controlling, and corrupt communist Romania and the path he chose to create a new life for himself and his family. Stefan is one of approximately 7 million Romanians now living abroad, including an estimated 1.4 million in the UK, and he hopes this book may also help to inspire them and show how through hard work, dedication, and imagination it is possible to build a new life away from Romania. Just Imagine is a phrase Stefan uses every day and he passionately believes it is this positive and creative approach that has enabled a shy child from Romania to launch his own businesses, chat with King Charles III at Windsor Castle, meet the Prime Minister of the UK, become a sponsor of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and create a series of successful companies that employ many hundreds of people in the UK and Romania.

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