Never Trust a Sneaky Pony And Other Things They Didn’t Teach Me in Vet School

ISBN: 9781646010417
Format: Paperback

Book Details

James Herriot meets Jeff Foxworthy in the real-life adventures of a traveling horse doctor.

Veterinarian, lecturer, radio personality, and Idahoan-by-way-of-Texas (and other places) Dr. Madison Seamans shares a wonderful collection of stories from over 30 years in an equine veterinary practice and a lifetime of working with horses and their ever-surprising barnmates. Through ready humor and with a keen eye for calling out the particular peculiarities of horse people and horses alike, Dr. Seamans aims to teach readers how to be with and care for horses, promoting the health and happiness of all with lessons laced in laughter. Entertaining and educational by turns, this unique memoir is for anyone who loves animals (and some who just don’t know it yet).

Dr. Seamans’ tales, both small and tall, are grouped in horse-centric categories and well-stocked with essential information delivered in a creative and highly enjoyable way. The reader climbs into the truck alongside the doc and drives off to aid horses with wounds, stomach aches, allergies, and bizarre behaviors, as well as those in severe physical distress. Quite by accident, you’ll find yourself familiar with and understanding common equine medical problems and how they are diagnosed and treated, all while marveling at the remarkable situations a country veterinarian can find himself in. Playful yet serious, honest yet tongue-in-cheek, this wonderfully written book is an up-close look at a well-lived rural life that is about as authentic as America gets. No one who cares a whit for the animal kingdom, and the humans who dare enter it, will be disappointed.

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