Handbook of Natural Remedies *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780709071143
Format: Paperback

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In A Handbook of Natural Remedies, Dr Mark describes the powerful array of alternative and traditional healing techniques that are transforming the way that millions of people are now caring for their own health. Just a few of the success stories from patients of Mark Stengler who has been called by his fellow physicians ‘a genius in the field of natural medicine’. – After years of suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a young woman is given a new lease of life after just four weeks on a natural treatment programme – A 50-year-old woman reports no more hot flushes…with an all-natural hormone balancing programme – A young man cures himself of insomnia…and never needs sleeping pills – A 57-year-old woman with memory problems had her short-term concentration and long-term recall dramatically improved within a few weeks – A child’s ear infection is completely cured…without the aid of risky antibiotics In total, A Handbook of Natural Remedies describes the healing power of 113 therapies, from acidophilus to zinc. For each of the therapies, Dr Mark describes exactly what doses or treatments are effective; how often they should be used; and which conditions can be treated.

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