Riding Into Your Mythical Life

ISBN: 9781577316558
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Anyone who has admired a horse galloping across a field has stepped into their mythic life if only for a moment. Horses are by nature mythic representing in our collective imagination the human journey at its greatest. In “Riding into Your Mythic Life ” therapeutic riding instructor Patricia Broersma invites readers on a transformative trip with these powerful creatures offering strategies to explore life’s events as part of a personal mythic voyage. Broersma draws on more than 12 years of working with horses and adults teenagers and special-needs children blending that experience with thoughtful mythological stories and a range of body-based modalities. “Riding into Your Mythic Life” teaches skills for developing intuition compassion and leadership and ultimately for stepping into one’s greater life. The book encourages an awareness of subtle cues in oneself and others — both horses and people — and ways to orchestrate this awareness to overcome painful life events and lead a more joyful and fulfilling life.

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