Rookie Reiner

ISBN: 9781570764141
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Rookie Reiner is your one-stop shop for everything the beginning reining competitor needs to know whether green as grass or several years in. You’ll get the lowdown on how the sport of reining is organized how shows are run and how you fit into the mix. Find the right trainer for your budget; determine whether your current horse has the attitude and ability to make it in the show pen; and ensure your tack and equipment is legal safe and appropriate for the sport. Get to know the required maneuvers‚ what they demand of your horse and of you‚ and how they play out in the 11 official National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) patterns.

Plus discover how to look the part‚ groom your horse so he stands out in the show pen and dress yourself with just the right amount of style. Bone up on the intricacies of judging rules and scoring and learn how to evaluate your runs so you can learn from both your pluses and your penalties. From packing the trailer to warming up before your run to dealing with butterflies when you enter the pen this book has it all.
Even someday riding the perfect slide at the highest levels of competition. Remember even if you are a rookie you can still be a star.

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