Horse and Rider Fitness

ISBN: 9781872119960
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

This is the definitive guide on fitness training for both horse and rider – without the use of the gym. Linda Purves gives a wealth of practical effective sport-specific exercises designed to take both horse and rider from fat to fit and from out of condition to competition ready. The simple yard-based exercises all illustrated with photographs make fitness training fun and accessible to riders of all abilities. Comprehensive training programmes cater for all levels and take the rider progressively from the beginner in the riding school through to the advanced demands of competitive riding. Specific detail is provided on a wide range of equestrian disciplines including eventing polo endurance dressage and show jumping. Aimed at today’s busy horse owner additional chapters include healthy eating to how to create a ‘ten-minute stable work-out’ making this an invaluable guide to improving fitness and flexibility for both horse and rider.

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