Rider Body Language: Seat Training with Video Analysis (DVD) *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9783954997672
Format: DVD

Book Details


Developing a soft seat that moves with the horse allows you to enjoy simple communication with your horse, the feeling that all you have to do is think and being able to ride with just the subtlest shift in your weight. We show you how to achieve this.

This DVD presents and explains subtleties of movement, correct aids and the wrong effect, supported by explanatory slow-motion studies, detailed diagrams, theoretical explanations and practical exercises to try at home. A truly educational film that is best watched in stages and replayed.

  • A seat that moves with the horse
  • Breathing
  • Correct stirrup length
  • Movement of the walk in the saddle
  • Riding with the cushion
  • Riding with rubber stirrups
  • Alignment
  • Rising trot
  • Sitting trot
  • The seat on turns
  • Lateral aids

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