SAFER HORSEMANSHIP DVD *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 634479055690
Format: DVD

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Caring for and riding a horse can bring countless hours of enjoyment and pleasure. The flighty nature of horses makes them useful to us, because we can channel that flight instinct down the racetrack, over fences, around barrels, after a steer, across streams, or into the collar of a harness. However, this flight instinct may also cause injuries to humans, and to the horse itself. It’s all too easy though, to be injured by these creatures who easily outweigh us by several hundred pounds. Through his more than 30 years in equine veterinary practice, and a lifetime as a horseman, Dr. Miller has learned many techniques for safely treating, training and riding horses – techniques that could save one from injury or even death! These safety techniques are taught in Safer Horsemanship. You’ll learn how to safely catch, halter and lead a horse, the three points of contact that will prevent you from being stepped upon or kicked while working on the ground with your horse, how to examine a horse’s teeth and ears and administer eye medication. The safe methods of paste worming, taking a temperature and sheath cleaning are detailed, as well as ways to prevent tying and halter accidents. Riding safety is also addressed in Safer Horsemanship, and Dr. Miller will show you how he tacks up, mounts and dismounts, and trains his horses to be supple and always willing to stop. The lesson concludes with the proper sequence of untacking, and turning your horse loose. Safer Horsemanship should be studied by everyone who is involved with horses! This information is invaluable for the horse enthusiast who wants a lifetime of safely enjoying horses.

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