Chi Gung For Horsemen (DVD)

ISBN: 94922281050
Format: DVD

Book Details

Chi Gung for Horsemen is a set of simple and yet profound T’ai Chi exercises to help equestrians cultivate T’ai Chi Principles of Movement
within their own body: relaxation, poise, separation of yin and yang,
coordinating movement from the center with a light, responsive manner.
These exercises are equivalent to ground or in-hand work in their
ability to cultivate specific qualities in the rider’s body including
strength, balance and highly refined body awareness and control.

  • Explanation of T’ai Chi principles of movement as they apply to riding.
  • Step by step instructions on how to perform eight Chi Gung exercises.
  • A ten-minute follow along routine for daily practice

Prairie Winds Chi Gung for Horsemen clinics begin with this work and
then build upon this foundation while riding. Just like riding, T’ai
Chi sparing relies upon timing, feel and the ability to absorb and
direct energy without force or resistance. The purpose of Chi Gung for
riding work, Da Lu Ma, is to teach riders the art of using
their own bodies to develop the liveliness, balance and graceful
movement with their horses.

Sara & Michael Stanson’s studies of Yang Family T’ai Chi began in the
early 70’s. Their teachers encouraged them to form their own school in
the early 80’s and since then they have tought T’ai Chi to hundreds of
students. Sara was raised on horseback on a ranch in Wyoming and has
ridden horses for work, pleasure and competition most of her life.
Michael came to horses through Sara and rides both English and Western
for pleasure and the wonder of it all.

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