ISBN: 9783954990030
Format: DVD

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‘Horse friendly and successful’

Uta Gräf explains her methods: training that respects the horse, natural living conditions in open stabling and international level dressage horses living in paddocks in large groups. “Scrape off the mud and ride Grand Prix” is her motto. This new series of training films featuring the internationally acclaimed dressage rider shows how it is done. Part 1 “Motivating the Horse”, Part 2 “Training the Rider” and Part 3 “Competitive Success”.

 Part 1: Motivating the Horse

The joy of riding is getting pleasure as a rider out of being around horses and reaching your own personal goals. Imparting the pleasure of that joint endeavor to ones horse is by far the most important goal in Uta Gräf’s training and equine husbandry. Highlight: Behind the scene glimpses into her training concept for her top horses.

– Be good to the horse
– Impart pleasure with work
– The training structure
– Encouragement in line with ability
– Fine riding, minimal aids
– The bigger picture – working equitation
– An active seat – a subtle influence
– Care and feeding
– Handling and training

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