ISBN: XX01000031
Format: DVD

Book Details

Advanced Training for Horse and Driver

This third film in the series “Competition Driving” helps to
perfect the training of driving horses with a view to competing at
intermediate and advanced levels.

Whether with horses in single harness, pairs or
four-in-hands, training for the three disciplines required in event
driving should be as extensive as possible. Further dressage training is
emphasized as essential foundation for progress in the higher levels.
The film shows ways of training as well as “tools” for this purpose
which are not part of standard driving training but nevertheless can
prove very useful in working towards a perfectly trained, competitive
driving horse.

Subjects include: Competition equipment, specific dressage
training and suppling of the driving horse, increased confidence in
performing the lessons, paces, cadences, preparatory training for
cross-country driving, tips concerning harness and equipment,
rein-holding methods and much, much more.


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