Kottas on Dressage

ISBN: 9781905693054
Format: Hardcover

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Kottas on Dressage is a distillation of the practice and philosophy of one of the most highly regarded international trainers of the current era. Having stressed the need for the rider to
establish correct posture and a thorough understanding of the aids before attempting to train the horse the book highlights the value of establishing rapport with the horse and enhancing his mental responses and developing his physique with groundwork before
progressing to work under saddle. The text then focuses on thorough incremental evelopment of the basic gaits explains the value and execution of the lateral exercises and introduces advanced work including tempi changes  pirouettes piaffe and passage. A umber of commonly encountered problems are analysed and remedies offered.

Check out Kottas in action!  This clip was posted on Arthur’s website featuring Thomas Zindel, Ernst Bachinger and Arthus Kottas himself. This routine was spontaneously organised for a friends birthday party, enjoy! 

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