Dressage In Harmony: From Basic to Grand Prix

ISBN: 9781570768316
Format: Paperback

Book Details

“My approach in teaching and training, as well as in this book, is that of complete sympathy for the horse and devotion to its happiness and well-being….I attempt to educate riders to make their horses happy, confident, and proud to work for them.”Walter Zettl

While teaching lessons and clinics across North America in the late 1990s, Walter Zettl was struck by the hunger for knowledge of classical training principles, which was challenged by both the vastness of the geographic range and the lack of any organized system for delivering correct information. This book was written to meet what he identified then as a need: to serve as both a complete treatise and handy reference. Clear and easy-to-understand chapters take you through each training stage, discuss problems that commonly occur, and provide competent, sensible corrections with the good of the horse in mind.


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