Classical Dressage with Anja Beran

ISBN: 9780857880147
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

Every rider would like to ride their horse as well as possible, but how do we go about it the right way? This book explains why and, above all, how to classically train a horse, for example, we have to look at each horse as an individual – what problems does he have? How is his natural crookedness expressed? What is his personality like?

In classical dressage, there is a strategy for bringing each and every horse into balance. Anja Beran wants to preserve this knowledge, which has now almost been lost, and make it available to every interested rider, in a practical and comprehensible way. She discusses the exercises and describes how to work through them, before explaining in detail which problems can occur and what can be done about them.

Classical dressage is the basis of all other ridden disciplines. It is guided by the horse’s nature, keeping him healthy and strong and helping him to develop a wonderful and expressive personality. In this way, riding become a pleasure for horse and rider.

From the contents

  • The analysis – a tried and tested approach to successful training
  • Training according to the analysis: basic work and lateral movements as important tools
  • The exercises as means to an end – from Spanish walk to pirouette
  • The successful training outcome
  • A checklist allowing the rider to assess their horse

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