The Art and Science of Equine Shiatsu: A practical guide

ISBN: 9780719835056
Format: Paperback

Book Details

A comprehensive, practice guide to Equine Shiatsu, from nose to tail. Equine Shiatsu is a gentle but deeply effective therapy that works with the horse to promote both physical and mental relaxation, which in turn allows the body to heal itself. Based on the concepts of Traditional Oriental Medicine, this book outlines techniques that can be tailored to each individual horse, allowing you to work on your horse or better understand the work of a practitioner. This book includes a thorough explanation of the sophisticated theories behind Equine Shiatsu, Comprehensive guidance to a full body Shiatsu, including simple step-by-step instructions for each technique, How to deal with each horse as an individual, considering different horse behaviours and Examples of tricks of the trade and what to do when things do not go quite to plan.

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