Feeding Your Horse For Life

ISBN: 9780939481682
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

It’s true – your horse is what he eats! Nutrition can make the difference between a good horse and a great one between a stressed out skinny or fat animal and a sleek finely tuned partner for fun and adventure. And it’s in your hands. But let’s face it the topic of nutrition isn’t exciting reading – until now. Feeding your horse for life will help you make the right choices for your equine partner and do it in a – dare we say – compelling way. You will learn how the digestive system functions so you will understand exactly how hay turns into horses the basics of nutrition and how water vitamins and minerals make the crucial difference and how poor feeding can cause disease and good nutrition cure it. You will learn about poisonous plants and toxins and about supplements and nutracenticals – and which ones make a difference and why. And you will read fascinating facts and figures you will never have read before.

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