ISBN: XX01000053
Format: DVD

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The 7 CLINICS with Buck Brannaman project features over 10 hours of incredible, never-before-seen footage from the making of the award-winning feature film documentary BUCK — the stunningly portrayed story of one man’s quest to help horses with “ people problems” lauded by critics and audiences alike. 7 CLINICS allows riders, trainers, and horse lovers everywhere to travel with Buck from coast to coast while learning his techniques and absorbing countless words of wisdom along the way. This project came about when we saw how much footage was left on the “cutting room floor”, and we realized we could bring Buck’s message to a larger audience — with the intent of benefiting the horses!

SET 1: Groundwork (2 Discs – 141 mins)
Viewers travel to several clinics to learn important groundwork techniques as taught by Buck Brannaman, including: hooking on, leading, halter work, bridling, saddling, backing up, working in circles and half-circles, using the flag, and firming up.

SET 2: Lessons on Horseback (2 Discs – 184 mins)
Viewers travel to several clinics to learn some of Buck’s most important lessons when working under saddle, including: good riding form and position, finding the release and a soft feel, attaining collection, moving off the leg, riding serpentines, “getting the life up” (finding animation), perfecting the stop, and backing up.

SET 3:Lessons on Horseback, Problem Solving, Words of Wisdom (3 Discs – 237 mins)
Viewers travel to several clinics to learn more lessons on horseback—such as turn-on-the-haunches, transitions, jumping, and finding the feel—as well as ways to solve problems, including crowding, biting, striking, fidgeting, rushing, anxiousness and sensitivity, and bad attitudes. The series ends with Buck’s advice, tips, and ideas about working with, riding, and training horses, as he best tells it—forthright, honest, and with the integrity the world has come to expect of one of the finest horsemen of our time.


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