The Structured Schooling of Horses: Foundations for Success

ISBN: 9783861279372
Format: Paperback

Book Details

This book sets out a scheme of basic training for horse and rider: the author (who is a professional dressage instructor) offers essential information on schooling the horse, introducing it to new challenges and developing a good seat. With potential appeal for nearly all riders, this book will appeal especially to all novice riders, as well as to those more advanced riders with ambitions in dressage. It is succinct, yet thorough and illustrated at every stage. * Accessible and inexpensive handbook, and of particular appeal to dressage students. * Illustrated in full colour throughout, with 21 full colour photographs and 55 step-by-step colour illustrations. * Cadmos Horse Guides are a new series of basic equestrian manuals: essential reading for anyone, adult or youngster, who is learning to ride or who already rides and wishes to know more. The books are attractively packaged, inexpensively priced and illustrated in full colour throughout.

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