Breaking a Horse to Harness: A Step-By-Step Guide (New Edition)

ISBN: 9781908809995
Format: Paperback

Book Details

In this completely revised, enlarged and updated edition of Sallie Walrond’s classic work, a new series of step-by-step colour photographs, taken especially for the book by talented equestrian photographer Anthony Reynolds, takes the reader through basic lungeing and bitting techniques, shows the correct way to introduce both harness and vehicle and demonstrates by means of the author’s own tried and tested methods the way to produce an animal who will go willingly and happily in harness. Safety is a priority at every stage and training for road work is included. The author’s lucid, easy-to-follow text provides all the necessary information to enable any averagely competent rider to train a horse to go in harness with success whether the animal concerned is an unbroken two year old or an outgrown family pony. New edition in paperback for 2022.

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